Please note that due to increased volume of queries, PRISMS helpdesk will be responding within extended period of time. We will continue to monitor for critical issues and respond as soon as practicable. Thank you for your patience


To be granted access to the PRISMS system you must first register your email address. Please ensure you have read the PRISMS Access Requirements and Conditions of Use before proceeding. Any information that you provide will be treated in accordance with the Department of Education Web Site Privacy Statement.

If you have already registered but have not received an email telling you your access has been activated it may be because the delegate you selected is yet to approve your request or the PRISMS help desk is yet to process your request.

Note: It can take up to 5 working days for the PRISMS help desk receiving an approved request to process registrations. Before contacting the PRISMS help desk please contact the delegate you selected to ensure they have approved your request. If you need to select another delegate to approve your request you need to “attempt to register again” using your email address. The system will detect that you have already registered and offer the option to choose another delegate.